Operation Rescue, Inc.


Help Build 100 Homes in El Salvador



Operation Rescue Inc. was founded on August 14, 2015 and is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization 501 c (3) which is Incorporated through the State of Ohio.

We are committed to assisting the impoverished people in El Salvador by:

     * Raising their living conditions to basic humanitarian standards

     * Providing shelter from the elements

     * Offering  employment opportunities that will lead to an independent and sustainable lifestyle


The typical shelters that many people of El Salvador use as their homes have:

   * NO Running Water

   * Dirt or Mud for Floors

   * No Solid Walls or Roof


Get in touch

David Gantz- President

(440) 541-8336

814 Lincoln St.

Amherst, Ohio 44001




Justin Hunker- Vice President  (440) 225-4186

Marsha Norberg- Treasurer    (440) 541-8337

Ellen Hunker- Secretary